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Friday, October 24, 2014

Oregon Police Seek Eyeless Man In Connection With Failed Child Abduction

The official police sketch reveals an eerie, eyeless man. The would-be 10 year-old victim fortunately was unharmed.


Oklahoma Witch Claims Meth Use Is Her Religious Right

An Oklahoma woman, and self-described Wiccan witch, claimed meth use was part of her religion after being arrested for drug paraphernalia. Her husband, who was also arrested, did not claim to be a witch. 

Keanu Reeves Reveals Childhood Ghost Sighting

Keanu Reeves recently revealed his own childhood ghost sighting.


Real Estate Company Releases Report On Best Cities For Zombies

Of course you can also say the report is also good for identifying cities humans should avoid during the zombie apocalypse.


Oklahoma "Satanic Pope" Still Making Headlines

The 15 minutes of fame isn't quite over for Oklahoma's self-styled "Satanic Pope".


UFO Discovered In 16th Century Painting

A woman discovered something interesting in a 16th century Romanian religious painting.


NeoPagans Embrace Iconic Witch Costumes

In a turn of events from the 1990s when most self-styled witches decried traditional witch costumes for Halloween, contemporary Pagans appear more relaxed over the issue.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Curses, Hexes, and the Magical Destruction of One's Enemies

Wiz Khalifa Sports "Courtney Killed Kurt" Shirt In Public

At a recent performance at Kennesaw State University, the artist sported a "Courtney Killed Kurt" shirt, a reference to the growing belief that Kurt Cobain was murdered by a hit man hired by his wife, Courtney Love, in order to obtain his wealth. The Cobains were divorcing and Kurt was in the process of drawing up a new will excluding Courtney when he died.


Tori Spelling Underwent Voodoo Animal Sacrifice Ritual

Tori Spelling has admitted she took part in a voodoo cleansing ceremony that entailed the sacrifice of a chicken and the sprinkling of it's blood upon her to cleanse her of negative energy.


Science And Occult Come Together For Voodoo Celebration

A recent voodoo festival in New Orleans combined concerns of the environment after the BP oil spill along with a traditional, New Orleans voodoo ceremony.


San Antonio Satanists Are Misunderstood

Members of the Satanic Temple of San Antonia claim the public is misinformed on their form of Satanism.


Satanism On The Rise In The South

A rehash of recent Satanic events in the Southern U.S.


Creepy Clowns On The Lose In Jacksonville

Strange, creepy clowns have been caught on surveillance cameras doing weird stuff in Jacksonville.


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