Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Voodoo Priestess Arrested After Running Over Woman

A Voodoo priestess was arrested after she allegedly ran over with her car the woman who she believed was having an affair with her husband. The priestess then allegedly exited her car and began to beat the woman.


White People Are Taking Over Voodoo

The religion that arose from the the black struggle is being over-run with white people. Note: The authors of the article fail to realize that what is called Voodoo in New Orleans is not connected to real Voodoo of Haiti or in Africa.


A Special Report On Santa Muerte

A new news article shows that the cult of Sanat Muerte isn't going away anytime soon.


Man Convicted Of Second Degree Murder In Voodoo Case

Valdona Riche has been convicted of the 2012 murder of Dennis Donahue. Ritchie claimed Donahue put a Voodoo curse on him.


VA Conforms Man Injured By UFO?

The VA has awarded John Burroughs disability for heart damage that allegedly occurred from radiation exposure during the sighting of a UFO in the Rendlesham UFO incident.


There's only one small problem. Burrough's heart problems most likely have nothing to do with his UFO sighting. Burroughs was not the only witness to have claimed to have seen a UFO up close over the events of Rendlesham. However, he is the only witness who claim heart damage because of it. Common sense indicates his heart damage has absolutely nothing to do with him seeing a UFO.

Take A Look Inside A Botanica

Learn about Centro Espiritual Botanica Santa Ana.

Decapitated Goats Find Highlight Growing Animal Sacrifices In California

The recent finding of 6 decapitated goats highlights the growing problem of animal sacrifices in California.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Twenty Things You Didn't Know About Buffy

Wow. Most of these I already knew but a few did surprise me.


Man Who Believed He Was A Werewolf Guilty Of Murdering Woman He Believed Was A Vampire

Werewolf on Vampire violence must end.


Georgia Lawmaker Opposes Human Hybrids, Werewolves And Centaurs

Rep. Tom Kirby is against blending human and animal genetics to create werewolves and centaurs, just so you know.


Is This Bigfoot?

You decide! (Probably not though.)


Ghost Captured On Camera At Disneyland

Don't get your hope up. It's probably fake.


Satanists: We're Not Evil

Satanists claim the belief that they are evil is due to Christianity and is not actually true.


The Best Place To Hide During A Zombie Apocalypse

Researchers at Cornell University have come up withe the perfect location to chill out at during the Zombie apocalypse.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Rapper Azealia Banks Comes Out Of The Broom Closet

Azealia Banks is not a stranger to controversy. Now she is claiming that she is a witch. She's not talking about Wicca or any of the b.s. stuff invented by white people who then lie and claim that what they do is thousands of years old or is "Traditional Witchcraft". It's not. That's all b.s. invented in the 1950s. Instead, Azealia's talking about old-school African (and Jewish) folk magic and African traditional religions and practices.



Man Arrested For Breaking Store Windows Over Fear Of Zombies

A Brooklyn man was arrested for smashing store windows because he believed the zombie apocalypse was occurring. The man was intoxicated.


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Organ Stealing Urban Legends Are True - Man Awakens To Find Testicles Were Stolen

All the tales of organ theft were dismissed as urban legends. However, now it has become reality. A Russian man awoke to discover his testicles were gone. He had previously met a beautiful young blonde woman.


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