Friday, September 19, 2014

Arcane Radio - American Monsters With Linda Godfrey

Monster X Radio1 - American Monsters With Linda Godfrey

Mysterious Universe - UFOs For The 21st Century Mind With Richard Dolan

Mysterious Universe - Stalking The Heard With Chris O'Brien

Ghost Shatters Glass Cabinet Door Caught On Film

Employees of the Barnsley Auction House were quite upset when they thought a burglar had destroyed a glass cabinet until they watched the surveillance footage.

Zombie Chia Pet

Not too thrilled with it. They needed to include a headstone if they were going to use that look. Or they could have just done a zombie head.

Killing Bigfoot (2014)

Premieres October 17, 2014, on Destination America.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jim Harold - Haunted Rock-N-Roll

Jim Harold - The Demon Of Brownsville Road

Jim Harold - Whitley Strieber

Jim Harold - The Rendlesham Deception

Mysterious Universe - 9/13/2014 - American Monsters with Linda Godfrey

Satanist Want To Distribute Satanic Coloring Book To Kids

Satanists are planning on distributing a Satanic coloring book to kids in Orange County, FL, in protest of religious material being allowed to be distributed.

More Vampires Reported In Britain Than In Transylvania

A new study documented 211 reports of vampires in Britain over the past 100 years. Compare that with only 8 reported vampires in Transylvania. Transylvania

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