Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Haunted Skirvin Hotel And The New York Times

This is an article, for which I was interviewed, on the alleged haunted Skirvin hotel in Oklahoma City.

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"Warlock" Allegedly Molested Children With Promises It Would Cure Their Mother

James Irwin, a Wiccan practitioner, allegedly molested several children with promises the acts would heal their mother. Irwin allegedly told the children that he was a "magical warlock" and is alleged to have made statements to other people about the use of sex magic.

Woman Claims "Voodoo Priest" Neighbor Is Hurting Her Property Value

A woman in West Memphis, Arkansas, claims that her next door neighbor is a Voodoo priest and that his bizarre yard decorations are hurting her property value.

(FYI: From watching the video of the man's decorations I can determine that this man is not a Voodoo priest and is not practicing authentic Voodoo. He might be practicing what is called "New Orleans Voodoo", which is a modern invention and has no ties to real African-derived Voodoo.)

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Nu-Botanics Botanica

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Phonoi were the Greek gods or daimons (spirits) of murder.

Appearance: Unknown, though it's possible that they were pictured as winged men bearing weapons.

Lore: The Phonoi were the sons of Eris, the goddess of strife. They were generally viewed as being plural in number. However, in some circumstances they were condensed into one being referred to as Phonos (murder).

Powers: The Phonoi are responsible for inspiring people to murder and kill people.

Defense Against Phonoi: Unknown.

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