What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of Halloween?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Tonight's the night! It's the wickedest, spookiest night of the entire year! The witches, monsters and ghouls will be out in force tonight. So whether your will be attending the sabbat, running with the pack, or rising from the grave for a quick bite, I wish you all the most hauntingly horrific, Halloween! 


Thursday, October 30, 2014

History Goes Bump - Halloween Special 2014

Man Who Decapitated Victim During Voodoo Ritual Will Not Have Trial Moved

A judge ruled that the trial of James Paul Harris will not be moved. Harris is accused of strangling and decapitating a man in 2011 as part of a Voodoo ritual.


The Disappearing "Voodoo Spell Bottles"

One man who collected "voodoo spell bottles" found in the local river, laments that the practice is dying out.


Learn About A 200 Year-Old UFO Sighting

Back in 1873, in Zanesville, OH, a witness observed a UFO. An occupant dressed in black emerged and then drove off in a horseless carriage.


Area 51 Scientist Gives Deathbed Testimony That UFOs/Aliens Are Real

The only problem is that he tries to pass over a picture of an alien Halloween prop as being a genuine alien.


Tomb Of Marie Laveau Restored

The tomb of Marie Laveau has been restored. Last year a mentally ill young man painted it pink.


Satanism: A Brief History


London Museum Conspired To Kill And Abduct The Loch Ness Monster

Newly surfaced documented reveal that the National History Museum in London wanted to hire people to kill Nessie and then transport her body out of Scotland.


Mom Learns House Is Haunted Via Facebook

Michelle Midwinter took a picture of her home to post on Face Book. Upon looking at the photo later she discovered that there what looked like the ghostly image of a man peeking out one of the windows.


Author On, The Truth About Witches

Author Katherine Howe is interviewed on the truth regard witches. Howe herself is the descendant of three accused witches.


Meet The Warlock Of Salem

Meet Christian Day, the unofficial warlock of Salem.

The Haunted Steakhouse Of Tuscon

Is this steakhouse haunted? It's located in one of the oldest buildings in the city.


Whine At 9 - Celebrity Ghost Stories


The 10 Ten Cities For Vampires

Does your city make the list?


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Celts - Episode 3 - Sacred Groves

The Flatwoods Monster Case

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Halloween's Urban Legends

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Is Halloween Dangerous?

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - The Origin Of Halloween Traditions

West Virginia Man Claims Spotted Bigfoot 5 Times

A Bigfoot hunter and believer claims he has proof of the hairy man's existence.


Santa Muerte In Utah

You will love the title of this article, "Death Become Her", on the growing cult that has now reached Utah.


"Demon Of Brownsville Road" Is Fake, Says Former Residents

Former residents who lived in the house now claimed to be possessed by a demon, insist that the house is fine and that there were no hauntings or supernatural occurrences. The families are upset because they feel the author of the book lied about them when stating that they too had witnesses multiple supernatural goings on.


Elon Musk Says We Are "Summoning Demon" With A.I. Research

Elon Musk wants government regulation of A.I. research and feels that releasing A.I. is akin to "summoning a demon", meaning that A.I. would be just as impossible to control as summoning a fiend from hell.


Meet The Vampires Of Houston

They walk amongst us.



Looking For Werewolves In Britain? Here's Where You Will Find Them.

The most likely places to encounter a werewolf in Britain.


Grave Of Scottish Witch Found

The grave of an 18th century Scottish witch named Lilias Adie has been found.


Alabama Witches Come Out Of The Closet

Witches, pagans and magical practitioners want acceptance in Alabama.


Witchcraft Trials In Connecticut

The tale of the little known witchcraft trials in Connecticut.


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