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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ghostman & Demon Hunter - Dr. David Jacobs On Alien Abduction

Professor Warns Alien Abductions ARE Happening & Hybrids Live Here

Voice Of Dissent - Southern Raven On Satanism, Spells and Trailer Demons.

Welsh Zombie Killed After Found Eating Woman's Face And Eyeball

Matthew Williams died after being tazed by security upon finding him eating the face and eyeball of a female victim.


Santa Muerte's Cult Is Gaining Steam

Signs of the cult of Santa Muerte can be found nationwide.


The Growing Cult Of Santa Muerte

The cult of Santa Muerte continues unabated. 

Author Claims Russian Supermodel's Suicide Due To Cult

In a new book, author Peter Pomerantsev will strive to show why the suicide of 20 year-old Russian Supermodel Ruslana Korshunova was caused in part by her joining a cult called "Rose of the World". Korshunova jumped off of a building in Manhattan in 2008.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Roswell Researcher Claims "Smoking Gun" Proof In The Form Of Picture Of Alien

Tom Carey, noted Roswell crash researcher, has claimed he has the "smoking gun" evidence that the Roswell crash happened via pictures of an alleged deceased alien that he claims Kodak has dated to 1947. Carey claims the pictures show a 3-4 ft tall, insect-like being that appears to have been autopsied. Carey claims he will reveal the pictures early next year.


Meet Santa Muerte


The ghosts of Hampton Court Palace

Vampire Trucker Kept 6 Women Hostage, Beat And Filed Down Their Teeth

A vampire-obsessed Utah trucker has been arrested and is accused of beating and holding hostage 6 women, He is also accused of filing down the victim's teeth to resemble vampire fangs.


Woman In Paraguay Burned At The Stake As A Witch

A 45 year-old woman was tied to a stake, shot with arrows and then set ablaze in Paraguay after being accused of being a witch.


Witchmarks Found To Protect King

Researchers have discovered special "witchmarks" at Knole in Kent that were believed made to protect King James 1 from witchcraft.


Woman Dead For 45 Minutes Has Vision Of Afterlife

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro was clinically dead for 45 minutes before being revived. She claimed to have had a vision of the afterlife and to have seen "spiritual beings".


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