Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Full Circle

Alien Abduction: Incident at Lake County

Pentacle-Hours' - Winter Laake Occult Radio Show (The Devil)

Two Human Skulls And Witchcraft Books Found In Trash At Train Conn. Train Station

Two human skulls and books on witchcraft were found in a recycling bin at a train station in Connecticut. It's believed the owner is deceased and was an occultist.


Couple Launches Seattle's First Satanic Temple

A couple in Seattle is creating a local branch of the Satanic Temple.


Woman Claims Monster Energy Drinks Are Satanic

Animal Sacrifice Site Found In Miami-Dade

Authorities have uncovered a large site believed to be the location of mass animal sacrifice rituals.


Monday, November 24, 2014

The Satanic Temple and the First Amendment lecture by Lucien Greaves

Mancow interviews The Satanic Temple

Professor Claims Alien-Human Hybrids Set To Conquer Earth

Professor David Jacobs believes that alien-human hybrids not only walk the planet but are planning for a take-over of society.


Ancient Egyptian Book Of Spells Deciphered

An 1,300 year old Ancient Egyptian book of spells has been deciphered. The book was likely authored by a Gnostic Christian sect and the spells contained within have Christian elements, both Gnostic and Orthodox.


Government Agency Thought Responsible For Email Hacking Of Roswell Researchers

A group of Roswell researchers who claim possession of slides showing legit images of an extraterrestrial being have had their emails hacked. It is suggested that a governmental intelligence agency is behind the hacking.


Starbucks Exorcism

Would Be Killer Still Believes In Slenderman

The attorney of Morgan Geyser has told the judge that that Geyser still believes in the fictional supernatural monster. Geyser and another girl, both 12 years-old, attempted to murder a fellow girl in order to impress Slenderman. 


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