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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alien Mysteries - Kecksburg UFO

Frankenstein: Birth Of A Monster

Alien Mysteries - Stephenville UFO

Alien Mysteries - Bentwaters UFO

Flying Humanoid Witnessed By Pilots And Passengers Of Airbus

The pilots and passengers of an Airbus reported seeing a flying humanoid. The entity flew within a 100 meters as the plane began to land at Manchester Airport.


The World's First Pumpkin Riot

A pumpkin festival in New Hampshire turned into a drunken, violent riot.


Man Granted Divorce From Wife Possessed By Djinn

A Dubai court has granted a man's request for divorce from his wife who he claims is possessed by a djinn. The woman refused to have sex with her husband and would only tell him to talk to her parents. After doing so the wife's parents admitted their daughter was possessed by a djinn and had been for some time.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Ariel School UFO Encounter - Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Ariel School UFO Documentary

Podcast UFO - Ariel School UFO Encounter

Witch Bottle Found By Archaeologists

A witch bottle dating from the 1700s has recently been found. The bottle is designed to ward off witchcraft and protect a person or family from being spelled.


7 Signs You May Be A Witch

Are you?


Mysterious Boom And Debris Picked Up On Radar In Louisiana

A mysterious boom was heard int he ArkLaTex area and now radar confirms there was a debris field.


Donald Trump Evicts Green Lady Ghost

The Menie House in Aberdeenshire has been renovated, ousting it's famous "Green Lady" ghost.


Friday, October 17, 2014

The LIP TV - I Sold My Soul To Satan

Ex-Gay, Christian, Sunday School Teacher/Warlock Arrested For Sexually Abusing Teen, Threatening Curses

An ex-gay Sunday School teacher in Kentucky has been arrested for the alleged sexual abuse of a 16 year old male teen. The victim claims the abuser said he came from a long line of warlocks and that he possessed the power to see his sins with just one touch. The victim also claims the abuser used threats of curses and witchcraft if he ever told anyone of the abuse.


UFO Hovers Over UFO Conference

Witnesses at a UFO conference in the UK were treated to a real, out-of-this-world treat.


Earth Magnetic Pole Flip Could Happen In Our Lifetimes

A news study indicates that the earth's magnetic pole flip could happen in our lifetimes.


Ghost Tramp Allegedly Behind Haunting At Boutique

The previous news that ghost may have shattered a glass cabinet and destroyed other items has been updated. A psychic was called in to the shop and it seems that the ghost of a local tramp is behind the mischief.


'Bewitched' Reboot May Be In The Works

Rumor is that a potential Bewitched reboot is being quietly shopped around. Several networks have allegedly shown interest.


'Ghostbusters 3' Will Feature All-Female Leads

The new Ghostbusters 3 will feature all-female ghost busters.


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